Possible technical modules:
  1. Spannungsmanagement
  2. Phasenasymmetrieausgleich
  3. Dynamische Kompensation
  4. Oberschwingungsfilter
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your benefits

100% operational reliability (uninterrupted switching)
Reduction of electricity consumption (kWh)
Peak Load Reduction (kW)
Prevention of losses of the N-conductor current
Reduction of maintenance costs
Extension of the service life of the equipment
Stabilization of work processes and mains voltages
Avoidance of mains overvoltages and undervoltages
Reduction of harmonic levels
Compensation of inductive and capacitive reactive currents
Optimization of feed-in processes of renewable energy
Stabilization of the phase balance
Reduction of net wipers and net flickers
Power Quality Optimization
Reduction of CO2 emissions
Payback period of approx. 2 - 4 years
Assured savings guarantee
BAFA / promotion of technology (up to 40%)

Sample Calculation (ROI)

The ROI (ROI – Return on Invest) is a business indicator that calculates the success of the capital investment. In our case, it is the period until the system is fully paid for, which is also referred to as the payback period
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